Carol has spent her entire career in the business world, where she has a track record of success in corporate America, entrepreneurship, and non-profit. Her student success work is driven by firsthand knowledge of what employers expect and demand from today's graduates. As President of LifeBound, an academic and career coaching company, she drives the company's goal to help middle school and high school students become competitive, professional, and competent in today's world, and she teaches study, interpersonal, and career skills to students as well as training and certifying adults in academic coaching skills. Carol  is an expert blogger for the Huffington Post under "Impact," "College," and "Business." Carol is a co-author on many books for Pearson including the Keys to Success series as well as Keys to Business Communication and the Career Tool Kit. She has also published a series of books for

K-12 students through LifeBound, including Dollars and Sense: How To Be Smart About Money and Majoring In the Rest of Your Life: Career Secrets for College Students.  She has also worked extensively internationally, giving keynotes and speeches to educators in Singapore, Thailand, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, and the Dominican Republic in the area of creativity, risk, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Sarah teaches student success at Montclair State University and has been researching and writing about student success for over 15 years. She is currently teaching a national and international KEYS TO SUCCESS online course in student success for Early College, Summer Bridge, provisionally-admitted students and others who want a leg up on their college investment. As a parent of three children (one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school), a collaborator, a co-author, and an instructor, she lives the strategies for success she writes about, striving daily for goal achievement, productive teamwork, and integrity. Sarah is a co-author on the Keys to Success series, including Keys to College Success, Keys to Community College Success, Keys to College Success Compact, Keys to Effective Learning, Keys to Online Learning, and Keys to Success Quick. Sarah presents

workshops and trainings on student success topics such as critical thinking, risk and reward, and time management at schools all over the country. As a Jefferson Scholar alumna from the University of Virginia, she continues to embody the  the Jefferson Scholars Program goals of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship through her ability to inspire college students to succeed as learners and in all aspects of their lives.

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